Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Dear Family

This week we had a street display here in Kaiserslautern. What that means is we rent out an area in the fuß, put up a sign thingy that has some stuff written about the church on it (that was probably the most descriptive sentence I've ever typed. Kudos to me), and bring tons of books and pamphlets to give out to the hundreds of people who walk by! 


Oh my gosh, I'd only ever done one street display before, and it wasn't even in my area, so I was SUPER nervous...but it was honestly such a blast. Like, I was loving life. It was one of those oh-my-gosh-can-I-please-just-do-this-for-the-rest-of-my-life evenings (: the highlight of my night happened right at the very end—there was a group of three teenage boys who walked right by the display and kept looking back/doing double takes at it. I let them keep walking, but practically ran after them after hesitating for about 5 seconds. I explained who we were and what we were doing and they asked me to explain a little bit about what we believe as Mormons. After telling them about Joseph smith and the restoration of the church of Jesus Christ through him, I told them we were giving out a book—the "proof" that the message we share is true, and asked them each if they would like one. Two of them said yes, but the third said something along the lines of "no, the bible is enough for me". I ran back to the display station, grabbed three copies anyway, ran back to my boys, and began explaining exactly what the Book of Mormon is. By the end of my minute and a half spiel, the two boys had books in their hands, and the third said "whoa, wait...actually, I am very interested. Can I have one?" And I was like HECK YES YOU CAN HAVE ONE YOU BEAUTIFUL PERSON, YOU. 

Anyway. They're all three going to join the church one day for sure. I'll probably have to wait until the next life to hear about it, but that's okay. I'll be patient! 

You want to hear another incredible story?! 

About four and a half months ago, Sister Whicker and I contacted a teenage girl on the train. She accepted a Book of Mormon and gave us her address so we could visit her...but she lives in Kusel and ain't nobody got time to go all the way out to Kusel...that is, unless you switch your p-day and have a whole Monday afternoon to fill!!! Long story short, we went out there, found that old potential’s address, Klingeld...and she didn't answer. We had about 40 minutes until we had to head back to Bahnhoff to catch our train, so we started to do doors and we decided to begin with her building! We pressed the VERY NEXT Klingel...and you'll never believe what happened!! A young lady came to the door who didn't speak German (yup. You guessed it...from Albania), so she called her husband’s name, who came out to greet us! He immediately invited us inside and let us share a little bit about what we believe!! And? We set up a return appointment for Friday (IS THIS THE LORD’S WORK OR WHAT?!)!!! Haha we'd given them a Book of Mormon and as we were walking out the man grabbed a painting and gave it to us as a "return gift". 

I'm keeping it forever. 
This is literally the most fun, most exciting thing I've ever done in my entire life. 

Hope y'all had as great of a week as I did (: 
Talk to you next Monday!! 


PS: the temple was AMAZING (: I'm so glad I got to go one last time before it closes for a couple years!!!

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