Monday, October 5, 2015

Dear family,

     The Lord is just blessing Sister Johnson and me like CRAZY. We were able to set two more baptismal dates this past week! On Monday night, we taught Icey (We call her Spicy Icey. Sometimes Icy hot. Whichever.) the first half of the plan of salvation and focused on Christ and how we NEED him in order to overcome our trials, challenges, and sins. At the end, we invited her to follow His example and be forgiven of her mistakes and shortcomings through baptism...and she said yes!!! 
     Then, on Wednesday, we met with Ben and set a date with him, too! He's pretty much perfect. He reads. He prays like a member. Heck, he came to church and found out that some of his family ARE members! We texted him the other day and gave him Alma 32 to read, which compares our faith to a seed—saying it'll take root and continually grow so long as we're nourishing it! He responded back (practicing his English) "I read the chapter...I have the seed inside me and I'm giving water". 
     He has the seed inside. 
     And he's giving water. 
     Hahaha, what more could we ask for? 
     We went on a couple splits this week!! One with the Herne Sisters and the other with Münster! I got to work with Sister Kemlage—who is one of my absolute favorites! Allergies were plaguing us both, so we were kind of out of it…but we had a super cool experience together! We were on our way to the church to look up directions for a vorbei we wanted to go on, when we contacted a Frenchman. I asked him if he believed and God, and he gave a sort of confused yes-no-maybe so sort of answer. I asked "do you have time right now? We'd love to sit and talk with you about this some more!" and he said yes! We sat down at the nearest backeri and began talking about the basics of what we believe, namely, that God is our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ is His son who atoned and died for us! Sister Kemlage used to be atheist, so she was able to bear a SUPER powerful testimony about their reality and love...which Frenchie was very obviously touched by. We talked for about an hour and at the end, we made mention of the Book of Mormon. His eyes got HUGE and he exclaimed "YOU’RE MORMON?!" we laughed and nodded and he went on about a roommate he had who was Mormon and how he's read from "the Mormon book" and so on and so forth. We gave him one to keep for himself, and although he wasn't interested in meeting more, gave him our number so he could call us if interest or questions develop! It was such a good reminder of the fact that the Lord really, truly is hastening His work! People everywhere are hearing about His gospel...and every seed we plant is appreciated by the Savior! You never know when someone will start "giving water" (Hahahaha), so plant as many as you possibly can! 

     Hoped y’all LOVED general conference! As chupie so kindly reminded me, I'LL BE WATCHING THE NEXT SESSION WITH YOU AT HOME. That’s so weird. And kind of depressing. Literally cried thinking about that at the end of the last session. My emotional instability aside, I was BLOWN AWAY by everything I heard over the last couple days. Those men and women. They're called of God. Every single one of them. No doubt about it! 

I love y’all lots!! 
Hope you have a great week!!(: 

- Brookie

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