Monday, December 7, 2015

Dear family

I don't think this week could have possibly been more eventful. We went on a spontaneous trip to köln on Monday with the zone (I already sent y'all pics of that one) and towards the end of the day we called the Bonn Sisters to see if they were gonna be coming. Sister Gardner was sick on Sunday, so we asked how she was doing...which actually turned out to be a pretty inspired question because she was literally at her breaking point. She said she just felt like she was holding her companions back and really wanted to rest but couldn't because Bonn is booming and there's no time to do so. We suggested a split and called President and asked him if we could spend Tuesday in Bonn so she could stay inside while her companions got to work, and he readily agreed. Sister Johnson and I couldn't have been more excited. Here were our new-and-improved goals for the day: Lessons with a member present (hours of productivity)...2 Sonstige lessons (sonstige activities)...5 hours Referrals (hugs)...6 given & 4 received New investigators (tea parties)...2 Less actives (hours of less active activity aka naps)...3 ACTive lessons (plays)...1 

Needless to say, we had a blast. 

On Wednesday, we had a lesson with Safe & Mona!!!! I'm pretty much obsessed with them. You remember when Sister Johnson and I did that "wofür sind sie dankbar" thanksgiving paper? They we're two of the people who wrote on it! I saw Safe on the bus a couple days later (totally didn't recognize him—my memory is SO BAD), but he called out to me and was like "hey! Are you okay?! You're not smiling right now! Every time I see you you're smiling! What's wrong? What happened??" Haha we got to talking and turns out, he and his wife and kids had woken up way early to come to church on Sunday! We invited them when we met them on the street on thanksgiving, and they were there at 7:00 sharp! I apologized and let them know when church started, then asked if we could come by sometime and he said yes! Our schedule was way busy, though, and we never got a the Lord sent them to us AGAIN. We were in the grocery store and ran into them once more!!! He got on us for not coming over, and we promised him we would. He said "oh good, I just get so happy every time you are around! I always feel so good!" How sweet, right?! ANYWAY, we were finally able to meet with him and his cute fam, and it went wonderfully! They might go down as some of my favorite investigators of all time. They're Muslim, but SUPER open! (: We showed them the Christmas video and talked about Christ—and they agreed to meet with us and continue to learn more! We went back over on Thursday and taught them about the plan of salvation—which went just as well! It was actually really neat—before the lesson started, Mona told us that when we came over on Tuesday, her baby (she's super preggers) was kicking like crazy!! I was like "he was just so excited because he knew what we were saying is true!!! You'll see! He'll get just as excited today!" And she was kind of like "haha nahh, he hasn't been moving much", but sure enough, the second we started teaching about the pre-earth life and the fact that we all lived together with God before we came to earth, that little guy went crazy! Mona was bewildered!! It was such a cool little experience!! Babies know what's up! 

On Saturday night, we contacted a man named Adil from Pakistan. We chatted on the street for about 15 minutes and ended up inviting him to come to church! He said we wasn't sure because he lives so far away, but we told him we'd send the address anyway, just in case. We were sitting in Relief Society during third hour, and Elder Evans peeked his head in and whispered my name. Sister Johnson and I hopped outside, and there was Adil!!! Get this: he lives in Rheinhausen (which is an hour bus ride away)...and he walked THE WHOLE WAY because he couldn't figure out which bus to take. Started his trek at 7:30 and got there at 11:30 with the Book of Mormon in his hand that we'd given him the night before. What a beast, right?! He said "I have no idea how I found it. I was walking around for a really long time and somehow ended up here". We assured him that it was no coincidence—that God had led him right to us. (: We met together after church and had an incredible little lesson. We asked him what his religious affiliation was and he said he was once Muslim, but doesn't actually believe the teachings of that faith. He said it just "wasn't fulfilling". We explained that the reason it wasn't fulfilling was because it was lacking Jesus Christ, then proceeded to show him the Christmas initiative video. After a couple seconds of silence once the movie ended, he said "yes. Yes, it's true. Jesus is the savior. I don't know how I know that. I just do. He is the savior". We bore our testimonies to him that he, indeed, was (and is!) the savior, and that nothing brings more joy or fulfillment in life than following Him. He asked us what he had to do in order to experiences those feelings, because he's had such a hard life and wants nothing more than peace and happiness. After discussing exactly what he had to do, he looked at us with a big smile and said "you promise?!" And we did! We'll be meeting with him again on Wednesday! (: I'm so excited to begin working with him. Jesus Christ and His gospel are going to change his life!! I'm looking forward to watching those changes take place! (: 

Other crazy things that took place this week: 
     - A young single adult in our ward said he was going on a date and invited Sister Johnson and I to come with. It was our first double (; (yes, Sister Johnson and I were each other's dates). 
     - After said date, a random old man on the street proposed to me so that was fun. 
     - And last but certainly not least: the AP's called on Saturday night for transfers and... SISTER JOHNSON AND I ARE SERVING IN A DRIT. 

Sister Roderrer (who came in back when I trained Sister Hallmann) will be joining us tomorrow afternoon! I've been pretty worried the past couple days, but I'm feeling better today. There lots of weird logistics to work out, plus Sister Johnson and I have this really beautiful mojo thing going on...but Sister Roderrer is a sweetheart! I've heard incredible things about her, so that's good! Ah it's just super unnerving. Haha the AP's, though. They saved us for the very last call so we thought we were in the clear!! I talked to President this morning and he was basically like yeahhhh they were looking forward to messing with you! Rude, right? 

Oh well. 
It'll be great. 
The more the merrier, right...? 
Pray for us, haha 

Love you lots! 
- Sister Terry

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