Monday, April 6, 2015

An Easter Email from The Eldredges

We are excited to have received another email from Dave and Ellen Eldredge with a lot of pictures and even a video! Enjoy!

Good Afternoon, Br. and Sister Terry and Br. and Sis. Hallmann, 

Your choice daughters are in our home as I write this email. As soon as the Sunday morning session of conference is over, we (my wife and I) will drive them home as it will be too late if we wait until 8 p.m. to take them to the train where we live. We have had a cherished Easter Sunday having them, along with Sis. Yvonne Hofstetler (a member of the church bapt. a little over a year ago but not too active). My wife invited her to our Easter Sunday dinner and to watch conference and she showed up at our doorstep just a few minutes before your missionaries arrived. It has been a wonderful blessing having them all in our home. I tried to take a couple of video clips of them singing but don't know if they will go or not. I could only do about 15 seconds hoping they would not be too large of files to send. I also have some pics that I will send later. 

Thank you again for sharing them with us. They are a blessing to our branch and to our lives. 

I will try sending the other pictures that I took yesterday when your daughters (our missionaries) were having dinner in our home on Easter Sunday. If there are pics that you do not want, then just delete them. They were all taken when they were here with us. I will not resend the video clips as I believe, from what was said, that at least one of you received them so I assume the other did as well. 

I will try sending three at a time and hope all get through. 

Here is set number 2. Three pics again. Some of the pics are out of number sequence because I deleted some in the midst of others that were not worth keeping. 

Here is set #3. Three pics again. The last one is before the food was dished out for the Easter dinner.

Here is set #4. Three pics again. The first one is before the food was dished out for the Easter dinner but the [third] one looks tasty… 

Here is set #5. Three pics again. Mostly in the living room except the one of Yvonne is in the entry way by the front door… 

Here is set #6 three pics again. One of these is too dark so you can delete if you can't see it. 

Set #7 Getting close to the end of them 

Set #8. This is the last picture. Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Some duplicates but fun, nonetheless. Have a great week. Will let the sisters tell you any news that they want to share. Don't want to spoil any fun.

Dave and Ellen Eldredge

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