Monday, September 21, 2015

Dear family,

We had a lesson with a guy named Leyeo last week. Sister Parker and I went through all the potentials we'd found over the transfer and gave them a call. We ended up setting up an appointment with Leyeo, met him over by the church...and funny: neither one of us remembered having ever talked to him! It was an amazing lesson, though! He's from China and first heard about God when he came here to Germany to study a few years ago. He said something along the lines of "growing up, I never learned about Him, or heaven or anything like that...but I always had the feeling that someone was behind all this! The world is too perfect to be a coincidence!"  

(CAN YOU BELIEVE HOW MUCH THE SPIRIT HAS WORKED ON THIS KID?!). He said he wasn't exactly sure, though and committed to read and pray and ask God himself whether he's there or not. This past week, Sister Johnson (AHH, I STILL CANT BELIEVE WE'RE COMPANIONS) and I met with him again and he'd grown SO MUCH in just the course of a week. We followed up with him about his prayers and scripture study, and he said he received his answer that God really is there!!

 We also started meeting with someone else from China! Her name is Icey! She's kind of in the same boat as Leyeo—isn't sure about the existence of Heavenly Father or Jesus Christ. Her attitude was along the lines of "why SHOULD I believe in them? What good what that do me?" We helped her see the peace, joy and happiness that was "in it for her" if she developed faith in them...and she committed to start searching and praying for answers! She was so cute! They both were!! One of my favorite parts of being a missionary is getting to hear people communicate with their Father in heaven for the first time. It's SUCH a sacred experience...and I got to share it with both Icey and Leyeo!!! It brings me to tears every time!!  

We had a few other lessons, but the majority of this week was spent inside. I was pretty sick for the first half of the week (alles gute--I'm doing better now!) and the second half was spent having planning parties with Sister Johnson. We had transfer planning to do and transfer goals to set on top of the normal weekly planning session that takes place every Friday. We also spent some time getting our themes together for zone conference tomorrow and MLC on Friday. This week is going to FLY. The transfer itself is going to be over in an augenblick! We've got two zone trainings in October and TONS of splits to go on, too. We're going to be superrr busy...but we're having so much fun that we don't even care that we have to run around like chickens with our heads chopped off 24/7 (:  

Serving with Sister Johnson is as beautiful as I dreamed it'd be. 
Life could not possibly be any better than it is right now!!  

I love y’all lots and hope you have a great week!!  

- Brookie

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