Monday, February 1, 2016

Dear family,

Holy cow. This week FLEW BY. I can't believe it's already p-day again! We've done a whole bunch of sitting over the last few days...MLC on Friday (always a blast), weekly and zone training planning on Saturday (such a party) and then church yesterday (best part of the week!)...however, we were still blessed with some really neat experiences!! 

Wednesday was one of my favorite nights OF LIFE. 

The David's invited us over to do a special musical family home evening with them and a bunch of neighbors (that's what happens when you have two super talented companions!!)! There were just as many non-members as there were members...which was AWESOME. Definitely one of those "I NEVER WANT TO LEAVE" evenings. Rolf and his son Dommy were there (I met them at an FHE when I first got here!) and they brought Nellie along, too! She's 9. And one of my new best friends. I braided her hair and we played games and it was beautiful. They also invited an elderly couple over—Reta and Ulvs—who are two of my favorite Germans EVER. He comes from a family of 6 (which is large if you're not a Terry), so we bonded over that for quite a while (: 

I got home that night on cloud nine. 
I love the German people so unbelievably much! 
And missionary work in general. I don't care what Disney world says, THE MISSION FIELD IS THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH. Hands down. 

Sunday was another special day this past week! 

We saw Rahi and Minor on the bus Saturday night and let them know we'd be coming by Sunday morning to pick them up for church. They were kind of hesitant at first, but we insisted and they eventually agreed. 

We went over and Rahi let us in, sat us down and fed us grapes and oranges as he finished getting dressed. We walked over, and he just fit right in! Two random men Sister Johnson and Sister Roderer contacted on their split with Sister Jackson came, too, so we met with them and Rahi during the second hour and taught the restoration!! We focused the majority of the lesson on Jesus Christ because all three of them come from Muslim backgrounds. 

It went so well. 
Rahi is literally perfect.
One of the most humble-hearted people I've ever worked with! 

At the very end of the lesson, he said something along the lines of "Christ came and taught us how to live good lives. He taught what we need to do to make God happy. What do I need to do to please God? I want him to be happy with me. That's the most important thing in this life." 

Can't wait to meet with him this week and discuss the answer to that question (;  

The Sunday miracles didn't stop there, though! Last week, an African man got on the bus with one of our local JWs. There were no two seats together, so he sat by me and his Jehovah Witness friend sat down across the aisle next to us. I figured it was kind of inappropriate to engage him in a conversation about the gospel as he was clearly about to meet with her, but I also figured he was also probably definitely seeking for, I just talked with him about normal everyday things with a prayer in my heart that we'd meet him again and be able to lead him to the source of all knowledge and understanding—namely Jesus Christ and His gospel. WELL, we ended up crossing paths with him yesterday after meeting with the Kilgores! Sister Johnson not only contacted him...but proceeded to commit him to baptism right then and there on the bus! HAHAHA if that's not an answered prayer, I don't know what is!! (: 

Our appointment with the Bishop and his family went...well hahaha (I think I told you a little about this last week, mom). He asked us last week at church if we were still planning on coming over and I was like "they will, but I'll be on a split" and he was super NOT okay with that at all and told me we would have to reschedule the split or our appointment with them because he (and this is a direct quote) wanted to "talk about marriage". HA. He's trying REALLY hard to keep me focused on the work ‘til the end (; it was great, though! He had lots of really good advice and even recommended some books. Mom, if you could order "first comes love" and "for all eternity" for me, Bishop Pabst would be very, very pleased. 

You better not. 
I'm never going to his house ever again. 

Love y'all lots!!(: 

- Sister Terry

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