Wednesday, September 17, 2014

First Letter from the MTC!


     Oh my heavens, I miss y’all SO MUCH. This week has been such a roller coaster! I don't even know where to begin!! Wednesday (day 1) was really good...but the initial shock wore off by Thursday and I was a little bit of a wreck all day long. I'm good now, though!! Still a little homesick, but loving every minute of being here!
     So. My district. Sister Godwin is my companion. She's pretty great. She's from Georgia & we get along really well. Sister Johnson and Sister Montgomery are the other sisters in my district. Sister Johnson is super, super cute. Her personality is EXACTLY like Zooey Deschanel (the actress from Elf...). I like her lots. Sister Montgomery is good at German and lets everyone know it. It can be hard to learn when she shouts out the answers to everything before the rest of us have the chance to even process the teacher's questions...but that’s okay. Then there is Elder Hansen and Elder Crittenden (our district leader). 

Elder Hansen, Elder Crittenden, Sister Godwin, Brooke, Sister Johnson, and Sister Montgomery
      My branch president interviewed me on Thursday. I walked into his room and he began by saying "San Antonio, huh? You have a pretty good basketball team down there, right?" ...and then we talked about the spurs for quite some time and it was pretty much the highlight of my day. His name is Brother Petersen...we all really like him! He's super sweet!!
     When you get to the MTC, they give you an investigator to teach...starting day TWO. Ours is Lukas. I LOVE HIM. He is incredibly nice. During lesson 1, we spent a sold 15 minutes struggling to understand him, flipping through our little dictionary looking up all the unfamiliar words he was saying and trying our hardest to put together coherent-ish thoughts. Anyway, we were both getting so flustered and we laughed. For five minutes straight. Lukas was reading the first vision...and we were basically falling out of our chairs. We would get control of ourselves...then start laughing again. It was such a disaster. Needless to say, it only went up from there. Lessons two, three and four were AMAZING. Seriously, I wish I had time to sit here and type up all the incredible things that have happened as we've taught him. There have been numerous times where words and phrases would come to mind that I haven't used since freshman year of high school...or Lukas would be using words that I’ve never heard before, but the meanings and definitions would pop into my head and I could understand exactly what he was saying...or a specific scripture would come to mind and I'd have no idea what it said, but I'd have him read it anyway AND IT WAS SUPER APPLICABLE AND PERFECT! So many miracles. The Holy Ghost knows everything. Seriously. Listen to him. 

     Anyway, I only have an hour to write & have 13 other emails to respond I gotta keep it short and sweet today. Thank you so so SO much for your dear elder emails. Getting mail each night and hearing from y’all on a daily basis strengthens me so much. Keep 'em coming!!
     As for how I’m doing...I’ll tell you a little story. We had a devo on Sunday and the speaker asked "Who is the happiest, most joyful person to have ever lived on the earth?" and my zone leader, Elder Warby whisper shouted from a couple seats down "SISTER TERRYYYYYYY" apparently, I’m doing really, really well.
     I love and miss y'all so much.
     See ya in 18!!!!

           Love, Sister Terry

PS- the food here is nasty. Anyone who says otherwise has underdeveloped taste buds. I've hardly eaten all week.
PPS- I may or may not be singing at conference...maybe... (;

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  1. Wonderful report! It's so great to hear you're doing so . . . , uh . . . great!