Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Dear Family,

     Let’s start off with a miracle story, shall we?
     We had a lesson planned with a woman named Elenore yesterday. She was a referral from a member in the American military ward. Sister Knutson and her previous companion had a couple lessons with her back in November--they actually had a baptismal date set up at one point--but that ended up falling out and the appointments stopped. Anyway, so we got to her little dwarf (about hour or so outside of Kaiserslautern)...and found out that there wouldn’t be a bus leaving to get us to her house for an hour! We called her and, luckily, she didn’t have anything else planned and said we could still meet. Sister Knutson and I were sitting on a bench eating lunch, waiting for the bus...when we see it drive by! It was 10 minutes early and hadn’t seen us sitting there!
     We were so upset!! We had a rockin' lesson planned and were going to recommit her baptism...but there was no way for us to get to her house. We were walking down the street, about to call her and cancel, when we hear someone yell "SISTERS! DO YOU NEED A RIDE SOMEWHERE?!" We looked over our shoulder, and there was a member from one of the American wards standing outside of her car.
     My mouth dropped to the ground.
     I couldn't believe it.
     She ended up driving us to the appointment, where we taught the aforementioned rockin' lesson and....SET A BAPTISMAL DATE! The 14th of next month!!!! HOORRAYYYYY!
     Speaking of baptismal dates...do you remember the guys we met on the street the other week? The ones who we ran into because of the angels on our elevator? One of them, Edison, said he was a member...but SURPRISE: He’s not! He's been going to church for about 7 years but has never been baptized. However...HE WILL BE IN 2 WEEKS. That’s right! The 21st!!! Ugh he's such a rockstar. Like, you don’t even know. I feel so privileged to teach him! He has SUCH a strong testimony and is going to be a rock solid member (he basically already is). In lessons, whenever we testify of anything, his response is "I know that, too!" ...he makes our job really, really easy.
     I have about 50 emails to respond to this week (STRESSSSSS), so I’m gonna keep this one short...but the lord is blessing us LIKE CRAZY here in Kaiserslautern. Keep the prayers coming...they're working miracles!!(:

I love y’all so so so so muchhhhhhh <3
Talk to ya next week!!!(:

- Brookieee

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