Monday, February 2, 2015

Dear family,

Oh my heavens.
This week.
So. Many. Miracles.
I don’t even know where to start.

     Friday night, we were on the bus heading home and sat next to a cute old lady. We began talking to her...and shortly found out that she was deaf. After chatting for a bit, I asked her if she had ever heard of the Book of Mormon. She hadn’t. I handed her one and gave a brief explanation as she flipped through the pictures in the front. I honestly can’t remember what all I said, but I remember feeling the Holy Ghost stronger than I’ve ever felt him since coming out here as I bore testimony about the Book of Mormon and explained how special it was to me. She asked me how much I wanted for it and was ELATED when I told her it didn’t cost a cent! She took it from me and hugged it to show her gratitude.
     She had to read my lips throughout the whole conversation.
     I had to try to make out her slurred, mumbled words.
     But, through the power of the Holy Ghost, we were able to communicate and understand one another perfectly.

     Later on that day, we got a call from some elders in our zone! Do you remember that group of Americans I was telling you about the other week? Actually, maybe I didn’t tell you about them. Either way, there was a group of four American military men who we stopped and talked to one of my first days here. Three of them gave us their numbers and expressed interest in learning more. WELLL the elders we referred them to were calling to let us know that one of them, Nick, and his wife are now investigating the church! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! 

     Speaking of awesome...GET THIS. We had Gemico planned for 15:00 on Saturday. Sister Knutson and I had gotten out the door with JUST enough time to run to the bus and catch it. On our way down, however, the elevator kept stopping and opening on random floors (which it never does). We got outside just in see our bus drive away. So we starting walking to the church. We were at a stop light near our apartment waiting to cross the street when 2 guys came up behind us. One of them looked down at my tag, then back at me, then back at my tag and then back at me again. I laughed, stuck out my hand as said "Hi! I’m Sister Terry!" He introduced himself and then asked "you two are Mormon missionaries, right?" Sister Knutson responded and asked what he knew about the church. Come to find out—he’s actually a member from Albania who moved here about 3 months ago but hasn’t been to church. I turned to his friend and asked "are you Mormon, too!?" he said no...So I said "WHAT!? Why not?!" He laughed and then said that he's heard a lot about the church from his friend and would like to meet and learn more!
     Call me crazy, but there is no doubt in my mind that there were angels on our elevator, pressing random buttons so that we'd miss our bus and run into these two!
     Funny though, after talking a little while longer, we found out that they had actually run onto the elders on the street the day before and had an appointment set up with them naturally, we called the elders later that day and said "YOU STOLE OUR AFRO SHOP—WE'RE STEALING YOUR ALBANIANS." The elders won’t let us teach them though, because they two guys are asylum—meaning they had to flee their country because someone wants to kill them and said person is currently still after them.
     They both came to church yesterday, though!! So that rocked.

     You want to know what else rocked. Our lesson with Bennett. He was a referral from the American elders! AGHH it was SUCH a neat experience! When we began, he was asking a bunch of really random, off topic questions...making it just a little hard to teach. However, as we delved into the first lesson, his crazy questions ceased...and he was all ears. Before we started, he said something along the lines of "I’m going to be honest...this Book of Mormon? I don’t think I’m going to read it. I don’t really have time, ya know?" BUTTTTT, by the end of our 45 minutes together his attitude COMPLETELY changed! "Yes, yes, yes, I’ll read!" He said. "I know God will give me an answer when I pray and ask him if it’s true". It was INCREDIBLE to see the spirit working within him—softening his heart and mind right before our eyes!! 

     On top of ALL THAT, we found and taught another man who is now investigating the church, had an old investigator show up to church (who we will be meeting with and teaching this coming week) and have been blessed with about 6000 other miracles which I sadly don’t have time to type up right now. Sister Knutson and I got a call this past week and were asked to give a 40-minute lesson at zone training, because, in the words of our superiors: we're "killing it right now". Booyah.

     Real quick. Before I go. I don’t know if this is common knowledge, but because of everything going on in the world right now (someone please tell me...I have no idea what’s happening) the level of security here in the Germany Frankfurt mission has been raised. Please keep me and the rest of the missionaries in your prayers!!

Love y’all so much!!!!

Talk to you next week.

- Brookie


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