Sunday, March 29, 2015

An Unexpected Email from Dave and Ellen Eldredge

We got another awesome surprise from Dave and Ellen Eldredge. They sent a great email and A LOT of pictures! Enjoy!

What fun we had!! Wish you could have been here but maybe this is the next best thing. Hope they get through to you ok. I will try three at a time and if that does not work, will revert back to two at a time. There are 25 taken here tonight. 

Here is the next set of three pics. Hope they are getting through. Nothing back yet so maybe they are going through. Sorry for the blurriness of some of them but tried a different shutter speed without the flash. The clearer, brighter ones are with the flash. 

Here are three more. What a delight they are to have in our home. Thank you for sharing them with us. 

They finally get out of the house and are at the train station getting their tickets. It has started to rain lightly. We never tire of having them in our home or of working with them. 

Getting tickets and a discovery!! Hope you are enjoying these as much as we enjoy taking them and sharing them with your families. 

The 67 is quite blurry due to the change in setting on my camera to try and get the sign of Bruchmuhlbach Miseau in the background. The one with the flash was not visible but you can make out the other even if it is blurry. Love that Train station for sale sign that they are pointing out. If you buy that you won't have to walk far to catch the train-if you can afford it. More fun, seven pics left I think.

The train is finally finding it's way to us as you see in the last picture. They got home safely, by the way. We called them a little over an hour ago and all is well. 

Hope you are enjoying these. We are closing down to the end of those taken today. Hope your computer memories are handling this ok. The one on the train is quite good. Taken with the changed shutter speed and for some reason fared better than the others. Maybe I move on some of the others.

The last wave from the train. The other two wee taken earlier at our Br. Pres, Pres. Baader's son Louis' baptism. They had a lot of family visiting. Many from Salzburg, Austria. Hope you have enjoyed these pics. We hope to have the sisters in our home next week to watch general conference via computer. Hope you have a wonderful rest of the day. You now should have 9 sets of three pics each if they all got through to you. 

It is midnight now that we go off of DST tonight so best call it a night. 


Dave and Ellen

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