Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dear Family,

     Exciting news!! We set another baptismal date this past week!! We had a lesson with Donaldo and Edison on Wednesday, and they brought Donaldo's roommate (Ronaldo) along! Sister Brough and I (we were on another split. Sister Hallmann wasn’t feeling well again) taught the Restoration, and then turned to Ronaldo and said "hey, your friend is getting baptized on the 11th of next month. Will you continue to meet with us so you can be baptized on the same day?" Then Edison said "I've already asked him. He said yes." HA. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! EDISON IS ON A ROLE. Gosh, I love that kid. 
     Speaking of Edison...I GOT TO WATCH HIM PASS THE SACRAMENT ON SUNDAY!!! Ahhhhh I was literally choking back tears. He's such a rockstar. 
     Guess what else happened on Sunday?! Ellenore came to church!!! You remember Ellenore? She's the sweet old lady that Sister Knutson and I set a baptismal date with last transfer. We've had to keep pushing it back because she hasn’t been coming to church...BUT SHE FINALLY CAME!!! And....SHE BROUGHT A FRIEND WITH HER! WOOHOOOOOOOO. 

Here's a list of a bunch of other awesome things that happened this week: 
     1. WE GOT TO WATCH MEET THE MORMONS AT ZONE CONFERENCE. It was glorious (hehehe...get it?). 
     2. We also got to watch the "Because He Lives" Easter video that the church is releasing on Saturday. Get excited, y’all. It’s really, really good (:
     3. I made a new friend! A 4 year old little boy from Syria! He was at the bus stop with his mom (who Sister Knutson and I actually gave a Book of Mormon to last transfer) and was talking to me as we waited. When the bus came, he hopped on, sat down, and then patted the seat right next to him as I walked by. Then he laid his head on my shoulder AND I JUST ABOUT CRIED. Later on that day, the same little boy was playing outside of our apartment complex with some friends. When he saw us walking up, he ran over and wrapped his arms around me...and just stood there hugging me for like, 2 minutes straight. I HAVE NO IDEA WHO THIS CHILD OR WHY HE LOVES ME SO MUCH BUT I DONT CARE. He's my favorite. 
     4. Friday evening! Get this: We had a lesson at 4:00 with a potential investigator and dinner planned for 5:00. We waited around for the lady at Rathaus (where we agreed to meet) for a while, but she never showed (BOO). We walked home, contacting unterwegs and ended up getting home a quarter after five. We had a little bit of street time planned before our lesson with Donaldo and Ronaldo, so we had a decision to make—change our plan, take our full dinner hour and do no streets or stick to our plan, give up 15 minutes of dinner, and hit the streets. We decided on the latter...and “Praise to the Man” hit it right on the head, "Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven"! In those 15 minutes we found two new potential investigators—one of which was named Wendy, who was out walking with her two little boys and husband. We introduced her to the Book of Mormon and bore testimony that through the gospel of Jesus Christ—which is outlined IN the Book of Mormon—her family would be strengthened and blessed. She exclaimed "REALLY?!" Then we told her she could keep the book, and she was even more excited when we told her about, and marked, 3 Nephi 17 (where Christ blesses the little children). Before leaving, we got her number and she said we could come over and teach her more sometime this week! Both Sister Hallman and I are really looking forward to that lesson (: 

In summary, the Lord is literally pouring his blessings upon us right now. It’s been such an amazing week! Can't wait to write again next week and share more wonderful miracle stories!! <3 

Love y'all lots!!!!(: 

- Brookie

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