Monday, March 9, 2015

Dearest Family,

     I think the Lord wanted me to learn patience this week. Tuesday was one of those "WHY IS NOTHING WORKING OUT?!" days. We traveled an hour and a half for a lesson with an investigator…and she didn’t answer. Came home to go by on a potential...and couldn’t find their house. Stopped by on a different potential...and she didn’t have time to meet. On Thursday, we had a 5 hour chunk of time set aside for a lesson with Ellenore (the same investigator from Tuesday)...and she cancelled a couple hours beforehand. We had a backup plan to travel to two different villages and contact 3 different potentials...2 of which didn’t answer and one we couldn’t find. Had two potentials in K-town we tried to go by...and one (again) we couldn’t find and the other we felt prompted not to contact. Friday? All of our appointments fell out...again. 
     As I was looking through my journal last night, thinking about what I’d share with y’all in my email...I realized something. 
     These past 7 days have all been really crummy ones...and I didn’t even realize it! 
     Though nothing had worked out the way we planned, the Lord blessed us with bunches of little miracles to keep us going. 

     We street contacted a women last week who lives in our complex. We gave her a Book of Mormon, and she gave us her last name so we could come by and teach her more! We tried to find her name on the klingles outside, but it wasn’t there! Sister Hallmann said a prayer later that night and asked Heavenly Father to let us run into her again. Wellll, we turned into our complex on Saturday afternoon…and she was outside playing with her daughter!!! We explained what had happened, that we had tried to stop by but couldn’t find her name, and she told us there was a random name on her klingle belonging to someone who had previously lived there! She clarified where in the building she lived, and we set up an appointment for tonight!! 
     On Sunday, we walked into church...and guess who was there?! SISTER FREITAG (she’s the less active we've been working with that I told y’all about the other week). We hadn’t met with her over the week, hadn’t reminded her about church or committed her to come...SHE JUST CAME BY HER OWN FREE WILL AND CHOICE. I could have EXPLODED with happiness. 
     After church, we had a lesson with her which ended early. We walked home, contacting unterwegs, and made it back to our place a tiny bit early, so we continued up the street a little ways. Outside a house was a middle-aged women gardening with a child. We crossed the street and greeted them. After introducing ourselves, we asked if they were religious. The lady said she was evangelish, then motioned to the little girl with her and said "she’s not, though…wasn’t baptized as a baby--she needs to be able to decide for herself". I exclaimed that we feel the same way, which seemed to catch her off guard. The rockin' Sister Hallmann introduced the Book of Mormon to her after that, which she accepted! In addition, she said we could come over and teach her more about what we believe! To add another level of AWESOME to the story, I actually saw them outside working a few days ago and had the thought to talk to them, but kept walking because they were chatting with a glad Heavenly Father gave us another chance to meet!!!(: 

     Anyway, Wish us luck this week...pray that things work out a little better than they did last week, please!!!
     I love y’all lots. 
     I can’t wait to see your beautiful faces on skype in T-2 months <3 

- Brookie

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