Monday, January 26, 2015


     Where to begin, where to begin? Saturday. Let’s begin with Saturday. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. We had a really rockin' street display planned...but it ended up being a total flop (we were chalking in markplatz...but LAME- it started to snow). Then we went to contact some referrals we got dooring...but no one was home! So we got back to Kaiserslautern with an hour and a half before we planned on heading home for dinner. Neither Sister Knutson nor I were feeling too enthusiastic--our whole day had been one big letdown--but we put on our big girl skirts and walked to a neighborhood to do some street contacting. Surprise, surprise, one was on the streets because IT WAS STILL SNOWING. So doors it was.

      We knocked and knocked and knocked and no one was interested! After about 10 houses or so, we doored into a member in the Ktown ward! We chatted with her for a bit and asked if she knew anyone in the area we could visit...AND THAT ANGEL LADY GAVE US LIKE 5 REFERRALS. One of which was named Max.

      We knocked on his door and he greeted us with a warm welcome. We introduced ourselves and explained that his neighbor thought he might be interested in meeting with us...AND GUESS WHAT HE SAID?! "Yeah, actually. I am!" then I curled up into fetal position and CRIED TEARS OF JOY. Not really. But you can bet your bottom that if curling up into fetal position and crying were a socially-acceptable thing to do...I would have. Anyway, he didn’t have time to meet right then, but he said "come back any day after 5:00 and I’ll be here!" BOOOYAAAA.

      The next story requires a little background. We went street contacting the other day (we do lots of that). We stopped these two men from Africa, neither of which had any interest. After talking for a minute or two, we asked them if they knew anyone who WOULD be interested. Then, something beautiful happened. They turned and pointed at a strip of stores across the street and said "There’s an afro shop over there. I think the guys who work in it would be open to talking with you." So. Off we went to said afro shop. Sadly, everyone was on lunch break, but the owner told us we could come back on Friday because there would be lots of people working then. So we went back Friday afternoon...and no one was there! The owner said "nigh! You gotta come in the evening! That’s when everyone is here! Come back tomorrow night!" Well, we had an appointment scheduled already, but we didn’t want to leave our afro shop hanging, so we told the Elders to go over there with copies of the Book of Mormon and to call us afterwards so we knew how it went!

     They called us, alright. Stoked outta their minds because they found THREE new investigators at the afro shop. OUR afro shop!! THE ELDERS STOLE OUR INVESTIGATORS. Oh my gosh I’m so happy for my afro friends BUT SO UPSET AT THE SAME TIME.

      And as for my third miracle story of the week: we decided to go to the Fuss to contact for a while before correlation with the Elders last Wednesday. We got out the door...and missed our bus by a millisecond. As we watched the bus drive away, a voice entered my head saying "there’s a reason you missed that bus" and I had the impression that we NEEDED to contact people as we walked to the Fuss. And? That’s how we met Imen!!! She’s an incredibly sweet 20-something-year old who’s been living in Germany for 3 months! She had never heard to the Church or the Book of Mormon, but she gladly accepted one and agreed to meet with us to learn more!

     Missed buses and miserable snowy days. These are the things miracles are made of.

     I love y’all so much!!
     Talk to you next week! (:

- Brookie

PS. can you believe I’m already down to single digits in regards to the number of transfers I have left?! Time flies. It really does!

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