Thursday, June 11, 2015

Dear Family,

FRAU BREITSCH CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY. Oh my heavens, you wouldn’t believe the stress surrounding that miracle. She has this devil dog, right? And she hasn’t been coming on Sunday because he "can’t be left alone" (hence the name devil dog). We finally got to the point where we were like "JUST BRING YOUR LITTLE CHIHUAHUA THING WITH YOU"...which our branch president was not okay with. However, we didn’t find out that he wasn’t okay with it until we were walking out the door on our way to pick her up yesterday. We sent our ZLs an SOS text, which they didn’t respond to because they didn’t have their phone with them. So we called our district leader (who had a meeting during our sacrament) and were like "so ummm, what are the chances this dog can sit with you during ward council?" Luckily, Elder Turley is THE BEST and said "yeah, no problem!"...except for that fact that it was a problem because the dog started screaming bloody murder the second Frau Breitsch handed the leash over to him. After about 10 minutes, we convinced her to just leave him and come inside...but she was clearly as emotionally unstable as her dog. She went out to check on him twice before sacrament meeting was over. At one point, she was like "call the Elders and just ask them if everything is okay" so I did...and the dog was still screaming bloody murder. Of course, I told her everything was fine, though. She insisted on hearing for herself, so I hung up the phone real fast, held it up to her ear and was like "See! He's quiet! Everything’s good!!"

Haha no worries, Frau Breitsch and her dog both survived the hour apart, but went home as soon as sacrament meeting was over. We dropped by her place after church to assess the damage...and she didn’t have post-traumatic stress disorder like we thought she would! In fact, she had nothing but good things to say! I think she'll keep coming if we can just figure out a solution to this dog problem! 

We also made TONS of progress with Bertrand this past week. On Tuesday, we had a solid lesson with him about Christ and developing faith in him—an area in which Bertrand struggles quite a bit. He believes Christ existed, but isn't convinced that He was (and is!) the Son of God—our Savior and Redeemer. We committed him to pray and ask Heavenly Father, and followed up at our next lesson on Thursday. He responded "Yes. I’ve been praying. And I do. I do believe that Jesus was God's son" OH MEINE GUTE SISTER WHICKER AND I WERE FREUING OURSELVES SO HARD WE COULDN’T EVEN SPEAK. SQUEAKS AND GIGGLES. THAT’S ALL THAT WAS COMING OUTTA OUR MOUTHS. He didn’t stop there, though! He continued, "ever since you taught me how to pray—in the name of Jesus Christ—my prayers feel...complete. It’s nice." We met again on Sunday, and he continued to talk about how happy he has been since he's come to an understanding of Christ’s divinity and how wonderful it is to pray AND OH MY GOSH I’M LITERALLY DYING OF JOY. I love that kid! 

You know who else I love? Donaldo. He's been in Italy for the last month and we’ve had ZERO contact with him. I was really worried about him--he being a new convert and far from the influences of the church—but he just got home this week & when we asked him if he’d been reading in the Book of Mormon while away, he gave us this "uhhh, of course" look and nodded his head. IS HE SOLID OR WHAT?! 

Okay. One last miracle story before I go! EVERYONE in Germany plants gardens in the spring (it’s actually one of my favorite things about this place)...and we've been blessed with lots of opportunities to help! We went over to a less active family’s house and helped them trim their bushes, which was a blast! Minus the fact that we were dying of dehydration (it’s getting hot—WOHHOO!!). I usually have my water bottle with me, but I left it at the church after DM. We made it back to ktown, were walking to catch our bus and passed by the doner shop we always go to. We waived to the owner (he’s our buddy. We're literally there all the time) and he waived us over, opened the fridge, handed us a drink, shook our hands and told us to have a good evening. 

The Lord takes care of His missionaries!! 
He really does send angles to bear us up—charitable doner shop owners included (: 

I love this work! 
And I love y’all!!! 
Talk to next week! 

- Brookie 

PS you know what Wednesday is?! My half-way mark. Can you believe it!?! Time really does fly when you’re having fun (:

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