Monday, June 22, 2015

Dear Family,

Dear Family, 

I GET TO STAY IN KAISERSLAUTERN WITH SISTER WHICKER FOR ANOTHER TRANSFERRRRR. Mensch, I’m so happy. Everyone was pretty convinced I was outta here, but Shirley (our 15 year old investigator) wasn’t having it. After our lesson with her on Friday, she said the closing prayer and literally PLEADED with heavenly father to keep both Sister Whicker and I here. 

Ask and ye shall receive, right? (; 

After our lesson with Shirley, we had a lesson with Lucky. A few weeks ago, we met with Bertrand and he had a friend over when we got there who had to leave shortly after the opening prayer, but who said something along the lines of I hope to be able to stay for one of your lessons one day!" before going. WE told him we'd love to meet with him, but kept forgetting to get his number from Bertrand. Then one evening, after an appointment, Bertrand said "Hey, you remember Lucky the guy who was over at my apartment the other week? He wants me to give you his number so y’all can meet." We contacted him, set up an appointment...and it went SO. WELL. He's going to get baptized one day, for sure. His views on everything we discussed were the exact same as ours, and he seemed really accepting of all that we taught. His schedule is super busy, so we weren’t able to set up a return appointment, but I’m sure we'll meet with him again this weekend. I’ll keep you updated on his progress, for sure! 

On Wednesday, we went down to Heidelberg for ZOCO (Got our iPads—YAY). After the meeting, Schwester Frenkel (Germany Frenkel, not San Antonio Frenkel) walked up to me and said "I have a surprise for you!" I followed her out into the foyer...AND THERE WAS BRUDER FRENKEL. I JUST ABOUT PASSED OUT. Jessie and the kids came a few minutes later (and I just about passed out...again). As if their mere presence wasn’t enough, they all came decked out in spurs/ Texas get—up. I can’t even express how happy I was—just about sprained some face muscles from smiling so much!!! SHOUT OUT TO FAMALIE FRENKEL. Y'ALL MADE MY LIFE. 

On Saturday, Sister Whicker and I were on house arrest. We've got the stomach flu :( Luckily, we have the best elders EVER who love us lots and took good care of us (: Elders Turley and Blua came over with food in the afternoon, and Elders Ashton and Heil brought us soup in the evening. Gosh, I love them! 


Happy (belated) father’s day to the best dad on planet earth—Arlo Terry. Words cannot even begin to express how grateful I am for you!!!! <3 I thank my heavenly father for blessing me with such an amazing earthly father every day (: Love you lots!!!! 

Talk to y’all next week!!!! 
Love you love you love you!!! 

- Brookie

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